Pushkar - the Pilgrim's town (Lake and Temples) 

22-November-2012: Reaching Pushkar town at 10:30AM, I checked into Hotel Pushkar Inn in front of the west-facing Jaipur Ghat; right next to the foreigners favorite Sunset Cafe. 

 Hotel Pushkar Inn where I stayed one night
Giridhar Gopal Temple on Pushkar Lake

Inside courtyard of the Bramha Temple

Plenty of camera toting foreigners!

A smiling drummer entertains the crowds gathered to watch the sunset at Jaipur Ghat

Foreigners at Sunset Cafe watching the sun set

This foreigner Sadhu under the same banyan tree is engrossed in seeing the sun go down 

Evening Aarti starts at the Pushkar Ghat
Inside the Vaikuntanatha Swamy Temple

Vaikuntnatha Awamy Temple from outside

View of Pushkar lake from Jaipur Ghat 

Another Ghat view Pushkar lake

Entrance to the Bramha Temple in Pushkar

Tourists & Pilgrims outside the Brahma Temple 

Sunset View over Puskar Lake

A Indian Sadhu sits under a banyan tree, in front of an idol of Durga Mata ... attracting people.

A side panel at Vaikuntnatha Temple