The "Classic" Trek route to Mt. Everest Base Camp from Jiri to Namche-Bazaar   

This page describes Trek Days 9 :  
Puiyan > Surkhe > Chablung > Ghat 

Day-9 Looking back at Trekkers Lodge as we start trek at 7-10AM

As we walk away from Puiyan Village .... we can see the Khari-La point on the opposite ridge from where we descended yesterday 

Surkhe up ahead .... as we descend towards it at 11-15am

The river stream at Surkhe - plent of foreign trekkers, camping here

Further along the trail we cross the stream coming down from Lukla via this suspension bridge  

Chablung .... around3:00PM

At Chablung, we reach the point where the upper trail from Lukla joins the Jiri Trail to Namche. These steps go towards Lukla. The Namche trail is behind the camera. 

The trail character changed from here on (as compared to the Jiri to Chablung part) ... lots of colorful & pretty looking Guest Houses & lots more foreign trekkers, in big groups,  ... fresh off the planes, from Lukla! 

 "Sherpa Kitchen" ... at ThadoKoshi 

We reached Ghat at 4:45PM ... I was too tired to go on to Phakding ...  so we stayed at Chomolungmu Garden Lodge in Ghat.

Day-9 -- 3rd Oct 2007: Puiyan to Ghat via Surkhe

It was a cold morning, as we started the trek from Puiyan at 7:o0AM and went gradually climbing along the valley side, thru forests past Chewabas and then after several ups and downs to another ridge where as we turned facing north (8:30AM) we saw Lukla plateau, across the valley. Of course, the constant stream & buzz of small propellor planes flying north every 10 minutes, since morning, had indicated nearness of Lukla.

Lukla appears across the valley, as we turn around a ridge ... you might be able to see the speck of a plane taking off from the Lukla airstrip ahead

When the trail descended a bit to the Mountain View Lodge at Pakhepani (9:05AM) we found the STD/ISD signs (the network signal from Lukla & even Namche). We stopped for half-hour and both Bhavnath and me, made calls to our homes.

Mountain View GH, Pakhepani ..... from here we could make calls to our homes ... we got "Mera" Network from Lukla here

We had been planning to go to Lukla first, but since we could make calls from Pakhepani, it savesd us a day! We by-passed Lukla and went on to Ghat, after descending steeply 500M to Surkhe (lying below Lukla).  


Surkhe homes can be seen down below .... as we descendfrom Pakhepani. The entire Dudh Kosi valley is seen in this picture, looking North. 


Looking back at that Trail Junction to Lukla ... the trail from Surkhe comes from right .... the steps going up (in center) is the Lukla trail and the left trail (coming towards me, from which I took this pic) goes to Namche.

We passed this nice looking Nobulinka GH ..... at Chablung


We reach Thado Kashi after a steep descent at 4-15PM...

This is the Chomo Lungmu garden Lodge we stayed in at Ghat. This picture is from next day when we were about to start our trek.