Energy Conversions

OP 20 to show the following energy conversions

a. chemical energy to electrical energy to heat energy

b. electrical energy to magnetic energy to kinetic energy

In this demonstration you will make a small electromagnet using some very common materials.

Can you list the apparatus you will need from the DIagram ?

What do you think the N & S stand for ?


  1. Take some covered wire, wire with plastic coating on it, leaving about 10cm of wire out at the start, tightly wrap a nail with the wire
  2. When you get to the end of the nail, secure the wire around the nail with sellotape, attach a crocodile clip to the end of each wire.
  3. Attach the crocodile clips to the battery
  4. Bring the nail close to some pins
  5. Reflect over the experiment what energy conversions have happened during this demonstration?


Chemical Energy → Electrical Energy → Magnetic Potential Energy → Kinetic Energy

c. light energy to electrical energy to kinetic energy


  1. Connect the fan blade to the low voltage motor, connect up the solar panel (photovoltaic type), to the terminals of the fan
  2. Bring out to the sun light, turn the panel to face the sun, observe what happens with the motor.
  3. Turn the panel over, away from the light, observe what happens,
  4. Experiment with it for a few minutes.
  5. On reflection what energies have been converted
  6. Draw out a suitable labelled diagram and mark on it the energy conversions and the location of the changes.

Electrical to light, kinetic, sound, build a circuit

Kinetic to Electric, HydroElectric Power

Build your own Elastic to Kinetic converting Machine !