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Center of Gravity

4. Equilibrium of a particle under concurrent forces, including friction.

The Centre of Gravity of an object is the point through which the resultant gravitational force acts, no matter what position the object is in.

An object will be supported as long as the CoG is between the supporting structures or

To find the COG of a 2-dimensional body

1 Locate all the masses on points on the coordinate system (x,y) (if need be use z)

2 Find the Resultant or total force R

3 For the x axis find the moments of the masses about the x axis

4 For the y axis find the moments of the masses about the y axis

5 Just like in the questions in Ex 8a the res (x) = sum of moms (in x)

6 Same for y (or z)

Do all of Ex 8.b

Hanging sign

A sign hanging from a wall and the forces that it causes and encounters.