Students of Applied maths, this is not an easy to cram subject.

before you run out the door if you complete your homeworks and then practice the questions from the leaving cert exams, develop strategies,

come the day and you should find yourself with a relatively easy to score a good honour subject.

Read an edited piece from Applied Maths Association here choose

From Fundamental Applied Maths, 2nd edition.

You need to have a very good understanding of the basic trignometric identities. These are supplied in the Mathematical Tables that you may request in the exam, however by the time you get to the exam an almost off by heart knowledge can be expected.

While it is not essential that you take Applied Maths along with Physics, it should be considered because the overlap in course material is immense. The Applied Maths syllabus is a extended version of the Mechanics section of the Physics syllabus, which is approximately 40% of the Physics paper.

There are 10 questions on the Applied Maths Exam, you must attempt 6. We will do at least 7, It makes good sense to prepare at least one more question, as on the day any single question can unsettle even the best students.

Remember to Always draw the DIagram

And never idle time, list the processes, stick to the processes, .

You can find the last 12 years of past papers at the StatExamComm but you really are probably better off buying the exam papers early, you need to complete a good deal of these questions. However the StatExamComm also have the solutions, good for checking your work After!

The revision notes for this course are not long, they are full of ideas on how to approach questions, learning these notes is NO substitute to doing the Questions.

Topics we will most likely look at

  1. Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  2. Relative Velocity
  3. Projectiles
  4. Newtons’s Laws
  5. Impacts and Collisions
  6. Circular Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion
  7. Statics
  8. Moments of Inertia
  9. Hydrostatics
  10. Differential Equations

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