the term electronics means small controllable devices.

These can be the tiny components that make up game boys, pc's etc... or the

RT for resistors in series and in Parallel

lets build stuff ... electronics projects

the listed stuff look like good projects, the links come from wired magazine

build a light for your bike

a tweeting dry plant ?!

Super Advanced Pet Feeder

Quiz-O-Tron 3000 quick fire buzzer system for judging quick response quizzes

Keypad, for secure

cool photography projects

  1. a wii nunchuck to control a camera the other
  2. HI speed photography
  3. motion sensor for catching wildlife on film

a lifetime of projects to be found in the following 3 websites ....

diodes are used to

  • drop a voltage
  • detect AM radio signals
  • make diode-transistor logic gates
  • stabilise a voltage (zener diodes)
  • eliminate or reduce voltage spikes across colis (such as relay coils)