I did a really simple investigation after completing measurement that the first years enjoyed - it took one double period.

Students were to investigate if water or milk was better at cooling tea.

Students made tea and measured a certain volume of tea and took temperature and then added a certain volume of milk or water and recorded the temperature for about 15 minutes,. Then drew a graph.

well you did ask for simple - but they practiced measuring volume, time and temperature accurately and had fun !!

Colette Treacy <stannesct@gmail.com>

Got 4 different brands of kitchen towel - played advertising click for plenty from u tube and asked if it was correct - had design experiment - got them thinking about fair test -- size of sheets etc and then did costings in maths etc and how marketing works in their business class

Kate O'Toole <kateot2@gmail.com>

I did a simple experiment to investigate particle size on the cooking time of potatoes..worked well and they were able to discuss fair test..variables etc

celine Keith <celinekeith@gmail.com>

In the first week of September I have first years do a cooling curve for water. This is a great intro to Science, using Bunsen etc., recording time and temp and graphing. Later on in the year I introduce them to investigations with questions about heat loss from a beaker of hot water. I gently guide them to do lid/no lid. They already know how to set it up. In the summer test I asked them to devise an investigation into heat loss from a beaker. I had mixed results with some just rehashing the lid/ no lid. Others did very good work with various types of insulation.

Patrick Duff duffp@malahidecs.ie

How does exercise affect your heart rate

Heart rate is the number of beats in a minute

your hypothesis ? ________________________________________