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OP52 To Verify Ohms Law

Set up the apparatus as is shown in the diagram.

Make sure it works.


  1. Set up the Apparatus as shown in the diagram
  2. Set the Voltage to about 6V,
  3. Now Turn on the power pack
  4. Calibrate (set up) the multimeters to read Voltage & Current.
  5. (you need to turn the dial until you get readings)
  6. Turn the variable resistor so it allows no current to flow.
  7. (when hooking up to the variable resistor connect in at arm 1 & out at arm 2)
  8. Check the reading of the Ammeter, note this readings in the table. Should be zero
  9. Take the reading of Voltmeter, note in the table. Should be zero
  10. Turn the Variable resistor so a little current flows,
  11. Check the reading of both the Ammeter and Voltmeter, note these readings in the table.
  12. Repeat from step 10 ,until the rheostat (Variable resistor) allows maximum current to flow (cannot turn any more)

Results Table

draw the Results graph

As the resistance of the filament will change with the temperature of the filament changes, bulbs might not be suitable for measuring Ohms Law


As the voltage increases the Current increases.

The Ratio of V / I = the resistance of the circuit,

Ohms Law demo