More magnestism

Get some nails, and a magnet.

Bring one of the nails towards another nail, notice anything?

Pick up a nail, bring it towards the magnet, notice anything now?

Try bring the nail that is attached to the magnet towards another nail?

Anything happen now? Could you pick up another nail ?


whats the record number you could take up with one magnet?

The magnetic field is induced in the nails that are attached to the magnet.

To make a temporary magnet!

Take a nail and stroke it in the same direction only with one pole of the magnet, do this for a short while.

Remove the magnet, bring the nail towards some paper clips, observe to see what happens.

Electro Magnetism

How Electromagnet Works?

Electric current when passes through the soft iron core, produces an energy which is called magnetic flux. If insulated wire is wrapped around an iron or steel object, a powerful magnetic field is produced. When electricity is passed through a coiled wire a stronger magnetic field is generated. The strength of the magnetic field depends upon and is directly proportional to the number of coils, the strength of the current, and the magnetic permeability of the core material. Apart from these factors, the number of turns made by the coil will determine the strength of the field.

take the magnetic fingerprint from a credit card ...

A plastic magnet is a non-metallic magnet made from the polymer PANiCNQ, which is a combination of emeraldine-based polyaniline (PANi) and tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ). When it was created by researchers at the University of Durham in 2004 it was the first magnetic polymer to function at room temperature.

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