The Newest Science site for / from / featuring Ireland

New resource page

Thanks to one of the pioneers of on-line education (especially in the physics field) Mr Walter Fendt

and his amazing website

An Animation of the disappering North Pole predictions

During the summer, predicts there will no ice in the artic by 2049, 42 yrs away!

Discover Sensors

Check this one out, lots of experiments to watch

A Sensors Site

The Irish Science Site

lots of links to news articles concerning science

and the Irish science community, you can sign up for the regular e-zine

A huge list of Irish Webpages concerned with science

The Irish Hedgerows Organisation

A great site for identifing Irish Wildlife

May help with ecology experiments

science unleashed

A great explanation of most of the ideas in physics

and the science in the Junior Certificate science unleashed

Possibly the best Popular Science Magazine ever

Deals with Current Science in an easy to understand way

The Magazine is

BBC Focus Magazine

available in Easons' and Borders Bookshops

Lots of Young Scientist Ideas

Speve Spangler does science

A Science shop with lots of DIY experiments too

Hints & Tips for doing well at a science fair (Young Scientist)

Again more projects but I don't think you can beat the previous one,

better treatment of scientific method and the rules of fairs in USA A few more experiments

An ozzie site, that is really just A GREAT HONEST SITE!

Heres a site for the budding computer programmer

Build your own Artificial Intelligence in a computer bot!

Contains a tutorial on how to start!!

The Department of Education and Science

Syllabi and Curricula can be found here

For exam papers (marking schemes) see ....

the State Exams Commission (SEC)

Science Fest


BBC Science and Nature News