Physics is all about how one quanitity changes to respond to another change, well pretty much.

In Physics we will carry out experiments to prove our theories are true. We will need to observe changes, often these changes maybe too subtle to be seen and so require extremly small measurements to be taken.

We will take measurment of many physical quatities.

So we need to know how much a quantity changes before we can investigate any relationship between the 2 parts.

What measurements can we take of objects now?

What devices can we use to take these measurements ?

What units will we measure them in?

we will later meet Volts, Amps, Ohms and a few more ...

Area and Volume

Sizes / Magnitudes / Values

Measure Temperaure

other things we will have to measure of the duration of this course

  • speed
  • velocity
  • acceleration
  • mass
  • momentum
  • force
  • moment of a force
  • work
  • energy
  • power
  • frequency
  • intensity
  • electric charge
  • field strength
  • capacitance
  • potential difference
  • current
  • resistance
  • magnetic flux
  • activity

To help explain the difference between distance and displacement this might help

The Standard Units (S.I.)

The International System of Units is to be used during this course

Time and Frequency

Right, obviously time and frequency are related!

What does frequent mean?

If I said a bus comes every 6 minutes what could you say about the frequency of the bus service?

how could we calculate or make a formula to calculate frequency


A concrete mixer delivered 50 m3 of concrete to a building site. Calculate the mass of the concrete delivered. (7) (density of concrete = 2400 kg m−3)

Practical Skill Assignment


MODULE: _________________________

1. I can recognise the following equipment in the laboratory:

Conical flask Graduated cylinder

Pipette Burette

Funnel Pipette filler

2. I have used:

Electronic balance

Microscope and prepared slides

pH meter

Hot plate/Bunsen burner


3. I am familiar with the following hazard symbols:

4. I can prepare a slide for the microscope

5. I can transfer liquids safely between containers

6. I can locate the following safety equipment:

Fire extinguisher

Fire blanket

First Aid kit

Eye wash apparatus

Signed: ___________________________ Date: ___________

(Name of student)

Vectors are a useful tool for solving force and motion problems in physics, click on this link to learn more about this vectors