Distillation is a technique to separate different liquids from each other, this technique is based in the fact that different liquids have different boiling points. If we can heat the mixture and maintain the temperature at one of the liquids boiling point turn this liquid into a gas, trap and condense this gas, we will have removed one of the liquids from the other.

OC32 carry out a simple distillation,

and obtain a sample of water from sea-water

SeaWater Recipe

the salt of the oceans comes from the dissolution of rocks, both underwater and on the surface.

Probably the planet's water,in very remote times, from comets. The seas grew as the earth cooled, dissolving in the process numerous salts present in the rocks. Rain contributed to the process by dissolving the surface salts. Today althought the Salinity of different seas is quite varied, it is estimated that there are 36 grams of Salt in every litre of seawater.

Warmer seas are saltier than colder seas.

We need to get a sample of seawater and obtain a sample of fresh water and salt from the mixture

If you want to find how much salt and other substances are in the water, it will be easy with a small number of calculations

Build your own Solar still

A easy way to purify water using solar power and some cling film.