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A Good way to observe the motion of a body is to use Telemetrics, this accurately relays data back to the pit crew in a Formula 1 race. This gets plotted into a Velocity time graph. The Engineers can use this graph as a way of looking at the acceleration out of corners as well as the slowing down (deceleration) into corners. This is very good for telling the pit crew what parts of the cars setup require fixing, it can also tell the driver of places where they are overbraking or braking too early, etc.

A velocity time graph is simple to draw.

Along the y-axis lies the velocity of the body and on the x-axis is the time. If we know the velocity at certain times we can plot the points and join them with lines to make a curve.

  1. If the body is at rest when the time starts (as is often) then the curve starts from the origin
  2. Plot the remaining points on the graph
  3. Join the points

There are a few interesting things about this curve

  1. The acceleration at any point can be found by finding the slope of the graph at any particular point.
  2. The distance coverd by the body can also be inferred from the graph. D = V x t, so the area under the curve is the distance covered.

Area under triangles