"We don't need any more heroes; we just need someone to take out the recycling."- Banksy.

James Gustave Speth, Co-Founder NRDC, and Former Dean, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies


Where we are wasting energy in School

*cooking leaving ovens on after food is cooked in home ec

*when the school turns the heating on while the school is already warm

*when the teachers open the windows in classrooms while the heating is on

*leaving on the monitors when there is no class's on

*and after school

*leaving the lights on

*havin a single switch in a classroom with no windows so its pitch black in the classrooms

*teachers would be unable to see students messing

*some projectors are left on in classes without there being any use for them during the class

*having things plugged in and on standby wastes energy

Green Schools

20 Credits for the term




Recycling Plant,





grow some trees





One of the most active modules in T.Y.

Work out the energy saving ideas that could be put to use in the school or at your home. Compare different bulbs and their energy usage over their lifetime and estimate the costs.

Research different techniques to make heating more effective.

  1. Save the Power packs
  2. light bulb savings
  3. standby power survey
  4. graphs
  5. Tips on energy saving @ home

Science physics

Set of physics resources on Energy and Space


Do a scifest project http://scifest.ie/sites/default/files/Science%20By%20Inquiry_Student%20Module.pdf

8 for video / time lapse

ideas here

4 for electronics build project

8 for building use full circuits for JC science.

build this



Into Biology Maintain and Fix Microscopes?


follow the link here

Future Module

could include a list of the following



College additional modules for TY students


We have in the past sent students into trinity college dublin for their TYPE program!


Morning Videos

Simple thermistor

Variation of the resistance of a metallic conductor with temperature

We just wound insulated copper wire around a cylinder (plastic pen-outer) about 100 times.Because it is insulated it wont short, and the plastic keeps it "tidy".

Remove 2cm of insulation from each end and attach croc clips.We leave them in the glycerol all year around, and cover them with clingfilm to keep them clean!

It works well. You will get a very small change in R (about 0.5ohms over 100degrees)

But I tell them that we want it like that otherwise the resistance of our house wiring would change from summer to winter, with all kinds of unwanted effects.

It costs next to nothing and every student can have/make their own one.

A basic fun electric project

based on Paper Rock Scissors http://thinkzone.wlonk.com/Electricity/RockScissorsPaper.htm

Electronics Projects here

Build a Drone ?¬!?!??!


lets build stuff ...

Bartons Pendulum


Timeline Project

Make a discovery entry for each element on a timeline (1 crdt)

Communications and Science

  1. Carry out a junior certificate experiment of your choice, master the process then record a video of it.
  2. Carry out a leaving certificate experiment of your choice, master the process then record a video of it.
  3. Make a time lapse video of some natural process occurring over time
  4. The building of a web page on a Junior Certificate Science Topic
  5. Review of Science Magazines
  6. To assist the school becoming more online

There will be other side projects but this is the core of the work to be completed. Credits shall be awarded for all work carried out.

Experiments you might think of making a video of

  1. Refraction and Reflection
  2. Titration's
  3. Separations
  4. Newtons Wheel
      1. Convection of heat in a liquid

Young Scientist Module

When you have decided on a project and carried out some research and trial experiments, it is time to write your One Page Proposal. This helps you not only to organise your thoughts but also to prepare the case for your project.

It should be as concise as possible:

- word processed

- in the region of 500 words

- contained to an A4 sheet

First, it would be helpful to indicate where you got the idea for this project and explain what is the purpose of doing the work, and how you propose to investigate the problem.

Next your description should say briefly what experiments you expect to do and show that the necessary equipment is available to you. Does your planning provide for sufficient time to carry out all the experimental work ? What advice have you sought to help you ?

Finally, you should give some indication of what findings you expect to obtain and how you will try to interpret the results.

Overall the One Page Proposal should be considered as the Research Narrative about your project. It has to convey to the Judges that yours is a scientifically interesting project, achievable in terms of the equipment available to you and the time needed to carry it through to completion.

Remember to mention any institutes or people you have contacted for information.

When you have completed the proposal please make three copies. Two of these must be given to your teacher as soon as possible. Keep the third one safe as a reference.

Although there may seem to be an area of overlap between the information sought from the One Page Proposal and the Project Details Form, the idea is to give you an opportunity to write a descriptive piece about your study which will display your grasp of the topic. An extensive scientific vocabulary is not required. This concise description of your thoughts about the project and of the work that you intend to carry out is essential to the screening process.

A decision on whether or not a project qualifies for the Exhibition in the R.D.S. in January, will be made on the basis of your initial application, so the One Page Proposal is very important.

The judges will screen all projects entered during October. All students will be communicated with as soon as possible afterwards to let them know if they have qualified or not for the Exhibition in the R.D.S. As this process can take four or five weeks to complete, it is essential that students continue work on their projects while awaiting adjudication.

HCS Entries 2009 to the Young scientist

Carry out a Time Lapse projects

time lapse videos

Try out these arguments

Evolution or Creation?

Nature vs. Nurture

The Death Penalty

We are empty space

The Trolley choice, mad man tied 5 ppl to track, 1 switch no time, problem is that you divert the train down the track with 1 person tied to this branch

a band that had evolved over the years to the point that few or no original members remained in the lineup