Health and Safety Notice

Persons fitted with a pacemaker should not be permitted to be present in large or strong magnetic fields to avoid any risk of upsetting the heart regulating unit.

but there is no need to worry here.

One day while tending to his sheep Magnus from Crete, Greece, slipped his metal staff into a small pool of water. Suddenly his staff was pulled strongly to one side, Magnus though it was an animal, and tried to pull it out, with a strong effort and a sudden give, Magnus fell back with his staff in hand. To his surprise all that was at the end of the staff was a small rock. This stone is now called Magnetite, and so began the worlds fascination with magnetic objects.

This is one story of the discovery of magnets, other stories come from other early civilizations, including the chinese and indian cultures.

We all know about magnets, how they fascinate us when we are young, and when we have not seen them recently. We experiment freely the 1st time we are given one.

Can you name any uses of magnets in the home.



a strong refrigerator magnet has a field of about 100 gauss

We see that the Magnet is attracted to some objects, but other objects have no effect on the magnet. Can you think of what objects are attracted to magnets?