Encourage people to recycle, save energy and Water!

Poster(s) or files that positively encourage people to

(a) recycle recyclables !

(1) keeping bottles to refill

(2) Recycle Bins .... Paper / card / plastic bottles / cans ..... DRY Materials

(b) save energy (heat and/ or electrical)

(c) reduce the water they use.

Produce 2 !

Number of paper bins needed & supplied

Empty paper bins

Turn Compost

Pick Litter from front

Test water Samples

Register answers

2 Ways to save water in school

  1. Cut off showers in changing rooms hb
  2. Timer water .... lk
  3. Drinking taps limit them to fill bottles ak
  4. Science & Home Ec. push taps mkr

the water quality experiment

tour to water facility (video)


5 credits for doing the compost for a full week

5 credits for water sample and testing (5 for liffey 3 for tolka / canal) til then