Matter is anything that has both mass and volume.

Matter is all that which makes up the world,

please list examples (10) of such .....

Mass Changes for a Physical reaction

Freezing Water

Mass of Beaker = g

Mass of Beaker + Water = g

Mass of Water = g

freeze it

Mass of Beaker + Ice = g

Chemical reactions

When you burn paper, what happens?

Does the paper disappear ?

What happens that which makes up the paper?

Particles, every thing is made of Particles

Particles can be


or Molecules

All the Atoms can be found on the periodic table

Molecules are when 2 (or more) atoms are joined together by forces, to make a bigger particle.

H2O water molecule made of Hydrogen & Oxygen



NaCl Salt Molecule


An element is a pure substance that has only one type of atom in it.

All elements have a 1 word Name and a Symbol and can be found on the periodic table

all known elements are listed in the Periodic Table;

In the passed 120 years we have found out that atoms are not just particles but made of other particles

Atoms are made of Protons Neutrons and electrons