Strand four: Physical world

ELEMENT: Building blocks

Students should be able to:

1. select and use appropriate measuring instruments Measurement

2. identify and measure/calculate

length, mass, time, temperature,

area, volume,


speed, acceleration, force, motion

potential difference, current, resistance, electrical power. Electricity

ELEMENT: Systems and interactions

Students should be able to:

3. investigate patterns and relationships between physical observables

Cars rolling down a slope from a height

4. research and discuss a technological application of physics in terms of scientific, societal and

environmental impact

5. design and build simple electronic circuits.


Students should be able to:

6. explain energy conservation and analyse processes in terms of energy changes and dissipation

7. design, build, and test a device that transforms energy from one form to another in order to perform a function; describe the energy changes and ways of improving efficiency.

ELEMENT: Sustainability

Students should be able to:

8. research and discuss the ethical and sustainability issues that arise from our generation and consumption of electricity

Energy Sources