Plants do not eat!

At least not in the way that Animals do

plants make their own Food!

in a process called Photosynthesis

We learned in the characteristics of living things that all organisms require nutrition!

So where does a plant get its food from?

Thats easy ........ ahhhh ....... it makes its own .... ahh

What does Photo Synthesis mean ??

Break it down into its 2 constituent words ......

Making with Light

Before we can do much here we need to get a few plants and carry out some tasks with them

OB50 investigate the growth response of plants to gravity (geotropism) and light (phototropism)


OB48 describe, using a word equation, how plants make their own food through photosynthesis

OB49 show that starch is produced by a photosynthesising plant

Photosynthesis, the proof