To investigate which Kitchen Towel is the best

Examine the density of the the kitchen towel to the properties

Work on tube length

Absorbancy Vs Mass of towel

Paper Aeroplanes

use different size paper to construct the same planes with a differing wingspan area.

to plot wing area vs flight time

Classify planes into different types of plane and judge the flight times / distance for these groups

The relationship between height, density and pressure in liquids

Factors affecting the brewing of tea.

Hole size

deciding on level of brew

To investigate the factors that affect the bounce of a ball


Voltage in fruits

To Investigate the factors affecting the bounce of a sealed sports ball.

The effect of impurities on the cooling rate of water

compare different substances

compare different solution strengths, mass per unit volume !

different volumes

To Investigate which sports glove provides the best grip on a ball

To Investigate the changing density of wax with increasing temperature.

To calculate the fuel that releases the most heat energy

To investigate the conductivity of different water samples