Food Chains

OB61 list examples of producers, decomposers and consumers in an ecosystem

Food chains are the relationship between various animals eating habits.

All food Chains must begin with green plants

(as they are the only organism that makes there own food)

Producers - Carry out photosynthesis and make food

Plants and plankton are typical producers.

Consumer - Feed on other organisms for energy

  • Herbivores - Specific consumer that eats only plants. (example, Rabbit, Slugs, Caterpillars, Mussels)
  • Carnivores - Specific consumer that eats only other animals . (example, Owl, Fox, Cat, Hawk)
  • Omnivore - Specific consumer that eats both plants & animals. (examples, Human, Squirrel, badgers & seagulls)1

Decomposers – Feed on dead plants, animals and waste

(examples Fungi, earthworms, woodlice)

Return the nutrients back to the soil

OB62 select a food chain and a food web from a named habitat and identify examples of adaptation, competition and interdependence

A food chain shows where an organism gets its nutrition from.

Grass » Rabbit » Fox

Buttercup » Bee » Thrush » Hawk

Bramble » Greenfly » Ladybird » Sparrow

Food Webs are created when 2 or more food chains cross (there is a consumer in one chain that is also in other chains).

some examples