Digestive Sys

So why do we eat food ??

WOW thats a lot of reasons!!!

So how does the body take in the useful bits?

teeth, types and function

OB7 identify molars, premolars, canines and incisors, and describe their functions

Where do we take food in?

What do we do with it there?

With what do we chew with http://whyfiles.org/shorties/147tooth/images/teeth.jpg

Why do we chew our food?

Having extra teeth, or hyperdontia, is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 4% of people have more teeth than normal. These extra teeth are usually found in people’s mouths, funnily enough, which is why doctors were slightly surprised to discover a 22-year-old man sporting one in his nose. Yep, his nose.

Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/doctors-find-tooth-inside-mans-nose#j2kgZk5rR4sKuxwF.99

What else happens in the mouth?

OB8 investigate the action of amylase on starch; identify the substrate, product and enzyme

See the page on enzymes

major parts and functions of the digestive system

OB6 identify and locate the major parts of the digestive system including the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine and large intestine, and know their functions





So what happens it then?

Another word for throat is Oesphagus!

Once swallowed the food passes down the oesophagus. The oesophagus has muscle tissue in its wall. A ring of muscular contraction moves slowly downwards, passing the food in front of it. This is called peristalsis.

Really fantastic digestion animation right here


Where does it go from here ?

Sketch the Diagram,

Fill out the functions of the various organs of the digestive system

OB19 understand that the products of digestion are absorbed into the bloodstream and are thus circulated around the body

Watch this video from http://kidshealth.org/

So what happens it then?

Another word for throat is Oesphagus!

Where does it go from here ?

It goes to our stomaches!!!

SO what happens in our stomaches?

What is in our stomaches?

What does this substance do to the food?

The Digestive System!


Watch this video from http://kidshealth.org/

It is involved in the second phase of digestion, following mastication (chewing)

What happens it their


Fill in the following words in the passage below. Underline your answer.

colon, chyme, pharynx, muscles, tongue, anal canal, absorbed, stomach, duodenum, oesphagus, faeces, gastric juices, sugar, jejunum, saliva,

blood, gall bladder, gullet, larynx, liver, rectum, epiglottis, alcohol, pancreas, water.

Food enters the mouth where it is moistened by _______________ and chewed. With the help of the _______________ it is passed into the __________. From there it enters the _____________. The _________closes off the larynx to prevent food entering the lungs. The oesphagus, commonly called the _____________, ends in the stomach. Muscles force food down the oesphagus and another muscle helps prevent food from returning from the stomach to the oesphagus. The major part of the digestion takes place in the ______________ where the food is mixed with _____________ ______________ and becomes a creamy liquid called ________________. The stomach wall can absorb food such as _______________, ________________ and _______________. In the small intestine, chemical digestion continues but food is also _____________ into the blood. The small intestine is divided into three parts; the ______________, the ______________ and the ________________. Digestive juices from the _____________, ____________ and the ____________ __________________ help digestion. After digestion and absorption in the small intestine, fluid waste is passed into the ___________, the first part of the large intestine. Water and salts are removed. Solid waste, ________________, is stored in the _______________ and then passed from the body through the _______________ _______________.

OB8 investigate the action of amylase on starch; identify the substrate, product and enzyme

enzyme action

See the page on enzymes