Taxonomy is the classification of different living things into similiar groups.

You obviously know the difference between plants and animals ......

okay so give us some of the differences .... how many can you name ?

Heres a real easy distinction to make between animals, are they vertebrate or invertebrates

An Animal with a Backbone (Spine) is called a Vertebrate,

an Animal without a backbone is an Invertbrate

Go into cranium

Vertebrates make up about 5% of all described animal species; the rest are invertebrates.

Vertebrates have a backbone and a skull,

You are a Vertebrate.

So lets look at Invertebrates

There are so many more of them than there is vertebrates


There are many different type of plants. Some of these plants are similiar, these plants that are similiar can get a group name! Do you know the group name of any similiar plants?

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for American tree leaves check out

An Irish site, takes a little bit of looking around but, Irish

There are also groups of animals ... can you tell me some examples of these groups?

Can you think of other classifications ?

Most of the good organisation of the plants and animals into various classifications was done by Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) for more on him see wikipedia , he even saved our temperature scale, a good biologist .... for once ;)