101 D 101 Dalmations

4 W on a C Wheels on a car

37 DC is B T Degrees Celcius Body Temp

52 C in a D Cards in a Deck

26 L in the A Letters in the Alphabet

3 B in the HE Bones in the Human Ear

12 A of J Apostles of Jesus

31 D in A Days in August

12 M in a Y Months in a Year

100 DF is BT Degrees Farenheit Body Temp

206 B in the HB Bones in the Human Body

29 D in F in a L Y Days in Feb in a Leap Year

1440 M in a D Minutes in a Day

120 SL on a M Speed limit on a Motorway

8 L on a S Legs on a Spider

18 H on a GC Holes on a Golf Course

31536000 S in a Y Seconds in a Year

147 MB in S Max Break in Snooker

3 SOAT Sides of a triangle

1000 M in a K Metres in a Kilometre

7 C in a R Colours in a Rainbow

212 B P of W on the F S Boiling Point of water on the Farhenheit scale

8 S in an O Sides in an Octagon

96 ETT Eight Times Twelve

3 LP Little Pigs

454 G in a P Grams in a Pound

92 AN of U Atomic Number of Uranium

100 DC is B P of W Degrees Celcius Boiling Point of water

88 K on a P Keys on a Piano

180 D in a T Degrees in a triangle

54 S on a RC Squares on a Rubik's Cube

3.6 Mj in a KwH Megajoules in a Kilowatt Hour

7 W of the W 7 Wonders of the World

42 TATLTUAE The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

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