Energy is the ability to do work.

So if you do work you use energy!

What do you think the units of energy are?

WOW thats right! the same as the Units for Work, the Joule!

Different forms of energy.

There are different forms of energy can you name some?


the form of energy a moving body has


the form of energy a body has due to it's position


the form of energy that a vibrating body emits

Light / electromagnetic

the form of energy emitted from energetic small particle (electrons in atoms)


the energy that binds atoms together, released when atoms are divided or merged


the energy caused by the motion of electrons


the sum of the energies of vibrating atoms


Is the energy dues to the bonds atoms make, to create molecules


Vibrational oscillating systems

Kinetic energy is the energy of a body due to its motion.

Potential energy is the energy a body has due to its position.

Mass as a form of energy

E = mc2

Conversions from one form of energy to another.

Principle of conservation of energy.

Conservation of energy

The Principle of Conservation of Energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but changed from one form to another.

The transfer of energy usually results in some of the energy being converted into heat energy that cannot be reclaimed, however in the wonderful world of applied maths there is no such problem.

Energy is a scalar quantity and therefore has no need to deal with directions and vectors,

energy is lost from one action is given to another body

Demonstrations of different energy conversions.

Appropriate calculations.

Sources of energy: renewable and non-renewable.

Mass transformed to other forms of energy in the Sun.

Efficient use of energy in the home.

Definition of Energy

So how do we obtain the energy we use all the time?

Heres where

So what can we do about global warming and lowering our energy bills?

Energy Conversions

Click on the link below and identify any processes or pieces of equipment that carry out the following energy conversions. dont scroll down

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