• is a course in Citizenship based on Human Rights & Social Responsibilities
  • is concerned about issues at personal, local, national and global levels
  • promotes the development of knowledge, concepts, skills attitudes/values as outlined through active learning methods

CSPE aims to develop active citizens who have

  • a sense of belonging to the local, national, European and global community
  • a capacity to gain access to information and structures
  • an ability and the confidence to fully participate in democratic society.


very old stuff

there are 7 pillars of CSPE

and 4 Units

Unit 1 - The Individual and Citizenship

Unit 2 - The Community

Unit 3 - The State - Ireland

  1. Democracy
  2. Law
  3. Human rights and responsibilities
  4. Human dignity
  5. Interdependence
  6. Development
  7. Stewardship

Unit 4 - Ireland and the world

we will find a lot of help here


The Site of the Irish Government is here