Temperature is a measure of hotness of a body.

What do we use to measure Temperature ?

A thermometer

What units is Temperature measured in ?

When reading a thermometer it is very important to wait until the temperature is steady and not changing.

If the temperature is changing wait until it stops before taking a measurement.


  1. The Temperature of Ice Melting _____ oC
  2. The Temperature of your closed hand _____ oC
  3. The Temperature of a glass of water from the tap _____ oC
  4. The Temperature of a glass of water left out for a while _____ oC
  5. The Temperature of Steam from boiling water _____ oC
  6. Take a conical flask of water and put it on a hotplate, place a thermometer so it is just above the water and held in a retort stand. Turn on the hot plate and start a timer. Measure the temperature of the water as the time passes. (you could do this twice once with the hotplate the other over a bunsen burner)