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Magnets Attract Some Metals

Namely the metals it attracts are Iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni) and some Alloys that they are contained in (in large proportions). There are other elements but these are usually rare earth elements.

Common Applications of Magnets

Can you think of any things that contain magnets to help them do their job?

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OP45 carry out simple experiments to show attraction and repulsion between magnets,

Imagine what happens when we are given two magnets!

We should try this,

Bring them together, what do you notice?

Turn one of them around and bring them close again, what do you notice now?

Turn the other around, and now?

One more time turn the 2nd one around .....

We have named each end of the magnet

North & South

All magnets will allow you to identify a north as different to the south end, look for any similar markings on two magnets. Using these marks label one side north and the other south and .....

Draw out the diagram below and using arrows show which way the forces go.

In conclusion then you could conclude

Like Poles __________ Unlike Poles _______________