Just Ideas

A list, of some, of the stuff I think might be interesting to investigate

Temperature of melting chocolate

Make lenses and checking their refractive index


Does different water treatments affect the growth of plants, where this Idea came from


Does the Colour affect the absorbtion of heat ?


Surface area and the relationship between the cooling of a liquid

Try different liquids, beakers, materials

What factors affect the potential energy in an elastic band

this investigation could use An elastic driven car,

mpbemba effect http://www.iflscience.com/chemistry/hot-water-freezes-faster-cold-and-now-we-know-why

To plot the calibration curve of electrical thermometricities


To determine which tree/ plant can convert the most CO2 to O2

Which bank notes have the most bacteria on them

To investigate the effect of the moon on plant growth


type in todays date .... see whats due to grow now

To quantify Factors affecting the rate of evaporation

follow here

a very interesting experiment on class room attention vs time of day.


wind power factor testing


Compare input energy to output energy

Factors for the propellers

  1. number of wings
  2. pitch of blades
  3. Radius
  4. mass

and their effectiveness on transforming wind speed into energy !!!

Tensile Strength of materials, how much they can be pulled before they collapse

The Refractive Index of liquids at different temperatures?


The refractive index of materials Vs the density of the materials.

Does the colour of a candle affect its burn rate?


Just how hard is water ?? trying to put an exact measure on water hardness


How the design of a plane determine how many loops it can perform


Energy Efficiency of Different Ways of Heating Water


What colour schemes are best for data projector clarity

Determine if seeds germinate (plants grow) quicker in 'greenhouses' (plastic bags, containers )

Determine the factors that increase stability in boats / ships

On the radio there are ads that say 1 type of battery is the best, how could ya prove it right or wrong?

Measuring the resistance vs temperature curve of a light bulb / filament

Building a thermistor thermomter

to investigate the 'sweet spot' on a rugby ball

The effect of temperature on a batteries performance


To investigate the factors that affect evaporation of water


To Investigate does marmite actually increase growth rates in plants.

Wired Magazine 04/11

To investigate the best design for windmill sails,


To investigate the best design for sails,

To investigate which substances will melt ice / snow fastest

To investigate the relationship between the pressure in a ball and the height to which it bounces


Demonstrate the force between charged objects and the effect of earthing and decide the order of the triboelectric series



Qualitative comparison of rates of conduction through solids.

Simple experiments.

what effect does

wet/dry insulation, thickness of insulation, volume of heat, difference in temperature


carbon dioxide greenhouse effect on plants

to see the effects of plants in conditions with higher than normal CO2 levels

To measure variations in the speed of sound due to athmospheric pressure

How much do plastics decompose in a compost heap ?

does density have an effect on refraction

salt water, sugar water, other oils

How to best preserve red cabbage indicator

Hydrogen storage.

How does the size + weight of slinkys affect their walking speed going downwards at 45 degree angle?

Investigate pendulums


Investigate the effect of heating on Surface tension

surface tension

To build your own solar water heater (or 2) and experiment with it!


To investigate which fruit generates the most electricity

To investigate which combination of substances generates the most electricity




To investigate motion down an inclined plane


Properties of essential oils

The best sound proofing material


Making Natural Acid and Base Indicators



Past investigations

To investigate the effect of music on the growth of plants

To investigate the best design for a paper areoplane

To investigate the best design for a parachute

To investigate which substances will melt ice / snow fastest

To investigate the viscosity of liquids with changing temperature.

To investigate the different amount of energy contained within different fuels


To investigate

To investigate

To investigate which fruit or fruit juice has the most vitamin C?

To determine the best wood glue

To determine the best kitchen towel

To investigate

To investigate

To investigate