The following are the accepted laws of motion, those of you that chose Physics as a LC subject will learn where they come from, but I am sure the derivations of these equations are necessary, you will learn them by choice or by beating !

the beginner equation

the timeless equation

the solving equation

A car, travelling with uniform retardation, passes point a with a speed of 30 m/s and passes point b with a speed of 20 m/s.

The distance from a to b is 100 m.

Find (i) the uniform retardation of the car

(ii) the time taken to travel from a to b

if an object is falling or rising against or with gravity, the attraction to the planet causes an acceleration of 9.81 ms-2,

mind you it is always is rounded down to just 9.8

oooh what are we going to put here ??