Clever cool and hot space news ....

The big bang was an explosion of space not an explosion in space

The Universe was the whole of space.

Now they reckon that there are pocket universes

and when we add all these together we get a multiverse. The whole of space is called a multiverse.

The 500 day project is under way

BBC look out the worlds best telescope

A very good scale to solar system here

To see the Relative sizes of the planets to each other to the sizes of stars, stars versus stars.

To find local sunrise and sunset times where you are

An astronomy local society often meetings in the Phoenix Park and occasionally in Dunsink.

recognises 100 km as the lower limit of space, whereas an encyclopedia of international law suggests 80 km as a practical limit between ‘air space’, potentially reachable by an aircraft, and ‘outer space’.

The European Space Agency

The American Space Agency for junior students.

What does Ireland contribute to the various space programs ?


Cosmic Background Radiation