2007 OL rapid amplification when forced vibration is // transfer of energy at natural frequency

2010 transfer of energy so that a body vibrates at its natural frequency

2013 transfer of energy between two systems of similar natural frequencies

2015 Transfer of energy (3) Between two bodies with the same/similar (natural) frequency

2015 OL transfer of energy between objects of similar natural frequency

2018 transfer of energy (3) between two bodies of the same natural frequency

Natural frequency. Fundamental frequency.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge.

Definition of resonance and examples.

Bartons Pendulum,

A Barton's Pendulums experiment demonstrates the physical phenomenon of resonance and the response of pendulums to vibration at, below and above their resonant frequencies. In its simplest construction, approximately 10 different pendulums are hung from one common string. This system vibrates at the resonance frequency of a center pendulum, causing the target pendulum to swing with the maximum amplitude. The other pendulums to the side do not move as well, thus demonstrating how torquing a pendulum at its resonance frequency is most efficient.

Tuning forks

Resonance from wally

Demonstration using tuning forks or other suitable method.

Beats (not on course ...)

interesting about the 'Touch Tones'

load Audacity

use the frequencies quoted in the page. Play as Individual frequencies amd then play together.

Compare to the 'touch tones on your phone'

Vocal cords (folds).

There are many different online generators, I wanted one that was variable.