Carry out an investigation to study the pH changes that take place when neutralisation reactions occur between two named acids and bases

The Topic is Acids and Bases !

What do you remember about them ?

revise over the neutralization experiment !

We need 2 acids and 2 bases ..... So we could choose a strong acid (A) and a weak acid (a) titrate it against a strong base (B) and a weak base (b) ... How do we measure a Strong or Weak Acid or Base ???

measure the pH of a solution with changing volumes of acid and base

how can we measure the pH ?




  1. gather substances that you think are acidic or basic. You could ask your teacher for some stronger ones.
  2. measure pH of acids and bases, decide the strong and weak ones
  3. measure the volume of a select acid/base that you put in the flask
  4. put a known amount of one of the reactants in the small beaker
  5. slowly drop by drop add the other reactant,
  6. every couple of ml stop, note down the volume
  7. swirl the beaker
  8. measure the pH, and note this beside the volume added