Key words

Equilibrium : A state in which opposing forces are balanced.

: An object in Equilibrium will be stationary as there are no Net forces acting on it.


Definition. the turning effect of a force

the distance is between the fulcrum and the line of the force

If a body is in equilibrium,

Forces Up = Forces Down

Forces Left = Forces Right

Moments Clockwise = Moments Anti-Clockwise



Handlebars on bicycles.

Simple experiments with a number of weights.

Appropriate calculations. (Only problems involving co-planar parallel forces need be considered.)

Torque, e.g. taps, doors.

Reference to moving-coil meters

and simple motor.


6. Conditions for equilibrium

The sum of the forces in any direction equals the sum of the forces in the opposite direction. The sum of the moments about any point is zero.

Appropriate calculations.

Static and dynamic equilibrium.