To identify adaptations that allow some species have a distinct advantage in survival

To identify resources over which different species and also individuals of the same species will compete for

To recognise the complicated Interdependence of one species on another


In your copy write down an animal that you think is cool, unusual or just a little different

Underneath the animal write down the words that describe this animal (minimum of 4, but not more than 8)

What advantages do you think these traits that you have described give the animal?

These are a species adaptations, the qualities that allow the species to survive.

Can you do the same for any plant?

Adaptations: structures or habits that living things have which enable them to surivive in their habitats.

All species have come to survive due to certain adaptations in their physical structure.

It is by these differences that the species (plant or animal) has a certain advantage over other species

The Giraffe has a long neck to reach the top canopy of trees,

The Camel can store & retain water for a long time,

The Chameleon can change colours, to camoflage itself from predators.

Cacti are well adapted for survival in the desert.

They have:

  • spines instead of leaves, which minimise surface area and therefore evaporation, and also...
  • protect them from animals which might eat them
  • stems which can store water, and
  • widespread root systems, which can collect water from a large area

Living species must adapt to survive,

when changes come in their environment,

it is their ability to adapt that allows them to survive.

Many plants and animals display some very ingenious ideas in how to stay alive and thus preserve their kind.

Watch the video describe some of the adaptations you can notice about both animals in your copy under the following headings

Adaptations of the Dingo Adaptations of the Wallaroo

Can you name any animals from polar regions, what adaptations do they have that give them an advantage?

Competition: occurs when two or more organisms or species require something that is in short supply

What do you think might be in short supply?

What does an organism need?

  1. food
  2. water
  3. shelter
  4. sunlight
  5. partner

Interference competition

Occurs directly between individuals via aggression etc. when the individuals interfere with foraging, survival, reproduction of others, or by directly preventing their physical establishment in a portion of the habitat.

Exploitation competition

Occurs indirectly through a common limiting resourcewhich acts as an intermediate. For example, use of resources depletes the amount available to others, or they compete for space. Also known as exploitative competition.

Apparent competition

Occurs indirectly between two species which are both preyed upon by the same predator. For example, species A and species B are both prey of predator C. The increase of species A may cause the decrease of species B, because the increase of As may aid in the survival of predator Cs, which will increase the number of predator Cs, which in turn will hunt more of species B.

I would like you to compile a project on adaptations of a particular species, there are many resources to call on.



Venus fly trap


the common butterwort,