Scientists use their imaginations to design Investigations

A HYPOTHESIS is an idea you can test.

Scientists use their imaginations to design Investigations

You should use yours too


  • Choose a Topic
  • Choose a Research Question
  • Form a Hypothesis


Find a method for an experiment that will allow you to test your Hypothesis

Make a note of your Method, by writing it or by saving a file to your school drive

This is YOUR CBA, I am allowed assist but not design or do

If you want me to help, please ask.

If you want me to check your method please share it with me

If you need Project Ideas then this page is for you

Some Class Investigations we have tried in previous years

What to do when you have selected a title ..... presearch

Scientific Method

In order to carry out Investigations we need to understand the Scientific Method.

Junior Cert Investigations Prescribed

The things you need for a write up



Usually given to you, unless it is your own investigation, in which case Witty or clever title will always serve as a good start

An Introduction / The Aims

A brief Description of Why you want to study this.

A description of what you are going to investigate (what will you measure, how do expect you will you reach a conclusion, what you will have shown)


A list of ALL the Equipment you used

Safety Concerns

What things in this experiment could be dangerous to you or others in the area. What did you (or be careful not to do) do to minimize the risk. Always list 5 hazards !


A full description of everything you do

Number the steps

Labelled Diagram(s)

Draw pictures (with words too) describing some part(s) of the experiment. It is best to draw using a pencil and ruler,

Results / Observations

What did you see or notice

Often We write tables of DATA, (numbers, values)


Sometimes we have to carry out some maths to show the way things interact with each other. Often we will draw graphs.


How something changes causes something else to change (or not to change) .... identify this clearly !!!

What can you reliably say about what you saw.

Conclusions are often the same as the title


What did you see or notice that was unexpected / strange or remarkable, What you would have tried to do better, what you noticed while doing the experiments, other things learned while carrying out the investigation (not to do with the title experiment)

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when presenting your own ideas to the public you will need

The Results diary -

Your diary of results should be present

The Aggregation of results -

A display of the averaged outcomes

This site helps you create good science projects by expanding on the above format

Other presentation methods might be better than the write up

Making video about a scientific experiment leads to better understanding

Junior Cert Investigations Requirements

For the set DES Investigations

For your own Investigations

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