Get a number of growing plants

Get some cress seeds

Get some broadbeans

Cardboard boxes, cotton wool, beakers / Jars compost, filter paper

To Investigate Geotropism

Take a Beaker, some Filter Paper, 4 Broadbeans.

Fold the Filter paper at a side to make straight edges.

Line the beaker with the filter paper, and half fill with compost.

Place Beans between filter paper and glass.

Turn Each Beans’ Scar A Different direction.

Fill up Beaker with Compost.

Add some water.

Place in Dark Cupboard.

Investigating Phototropism

Use a Shoebox, card, sticky tape to make a Photo Germination box.

Make 3 Separate Compartments in the box. There are holes in the box and lid.

When we put the lid on the completed box it will help us see the effects of light on a growing plant.

Cress is simple to grow,

Take a small container each, and put in a small ball of wet cotton wool.

On top put half a filter paper Sprinke a few (30) cress seeds on top.

Now take the 3 dishes & put them in your Photo Germination box.

Now just leave them by the window. Leave the side with the hole facing the light.

We will check their progress later in the week

We will check back on both of these setups later in the week ... keep them watered !!!