Call To Code

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Need to be able to solve problems, (usually using basic maths)

Need to be able to program

2 language options currently



Is an advanced programming language, It writes instruction to the machine through functions.

The Language has many pre written functions that make life easier for the coder.

In order to make use of these functions, you need to include various libraries in order to use the functions contained within these Libraries

To start programming you need to include the STanDard Input Output library, we do this

#include <stdio.h>

Each part of a program in C is a function.

These functions must be Declared, Named & Completed

Just like in maths we need to say what type of answer we expect a function to return. Integer are +ive & -ive whole numbers.

Real numbers are defined as floating point numbers.

These number types are also used to to declare variables, as you know variable are unknown values to

every line in C must be terminated with a ;



#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

std::cout << "whatever" << variable;


std::cin >> x; // notice other direction arrows


section is important ....

but I think for the call to code project we can skip it ... bad practice