theory of everything

for much much more


First off lets watch a movie,



and watch that for a very good overview of modern physics in 30 mins

another good Movie to watch would be Einstein and Eddington, especially if you are

There is much learned in the last 100 years.

One of the things people ued to believe in an Ether, it was what the world was spinning in and was the

Anyway two men, Michelson and Morley went off to carry out experiment on this ether,

and because it wasn't there, it is perhaps considered the failed experiment.

heres a demo of the experiment quite clever really


Basic 101 on chaos and a description of the feignbaums constant


The new European Long Range Telescope opening its eye




position and time

imagine we went on a seek and destroy mission with other life forms,

as soon as we saw them we shot a killer laser pulse to obliterate all intelligent life there

If we just saw the planet and shot at it would we hit it

there is a minimum time for which we must watch the planet to determine its position but more importantly be able to predict its location at various times in the future.