investigating flotation for solids and liquids

relating flotation to density

OP3 investigate flotation for a variety of solids and liquids in water and other liquids,

and relate the results of this investigation to their densities

Try putting a cube of Ice in a glass of water, describe what happens. Now put another cube of Ice in Methylated Spirits what happens now?

Find the density of a coke can and diet coke can!

Place them in water.

A Density rainbow

A Varying density column



Corn Syrup vs water vs oil

An aluminium cable is half the weight of a copper one with the same rating, so aluminium cables (reinforced with steel) are often preferred for hanging between overhead pylons.

A nice applet from Walter showing buoyancy !!


A density lava lamp .... can you think what is happening ?

You can also use fizzy drinks