Photoelectric emission

Photoelectric effect.

In 1887, the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, discovered that some physical materials emit charged particles when they absorb radiant (light) energy.

a really good explanation of the bohr model

The Photoelectric effect by wally

The photon as a packet of energy: E = hf

The sun produces a vast amount of energy as about 6 × 108 tonnes of hydrogen are converted every second. The earth, because of its size and distance from the sun, receives about 0.000 000 05% of this energy as heat and light.

ideas about photons

Effect of intensity and frequency of incident light.

Photocell (vacuum tube): structure and operation.

The Photovotaic cell, the solution to the energy crisis

Applications of photoelectric sensing devices:

• burglar alarms

• automatic doors

• control of burners in central heating

• sound track in films.

Demonstration, e.g. using zinc plate, electroscope, and different light sources.

Demonstration of a photocell.

Threshold frequency.

Einstein's photoelectric law.