Waste Management

Waste Management: is essential to prevent pollution and to conserve our environment.

Green Bin

Reduce the use of unwanted wrapping (plastic bags)

Reuse as many materials as possible (glass)

Recycle as much waste as possible (paper)

Black bin

Landfill - waste is dumped in a natural hole inland.

Advs Waste is stored away from population


Disadvs Releases Methane (greenhouse gas)

Visual Pollution

Unpleasant Surroundings (rats, gulls & smells)


Burning of waste

Advs Waste is gone


Can reclaim some energy from burning

Disadvs Expensive to set up

Releases Air pollutants

Brown Bin

Is Mass composted into fertile soil

Poor waste management may result in:

· Increased diseases

· Death of organisms

· Unsightly and smelly dumps

· Unwanted pests such as rats and gulls at dumps.