What factors do influence the environment?

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Tips to save Money and Carbon Emissions!

An Ordinary light bulb on about 4 hours a day will cost you €4.18 every 2 months compared to an equivalent CFL bulb will only cost you 75c! Over the 10,000 hour life time of an 18W CFL bulb it will save you €136, at todays ESB prices, and including the cost of buying about 7 bulbs.

GU10 spotlight / downlighting bulbs cost about €4 each and each one comsumes 50W there are LED alternatives that use less than 4W, so there are considerable savings especially when you consider 1 LED bulb lasts at least as long as 40 of the normal bulbs, and no electrician is required to change stuff.

With fuel prices set to rise again in the future, investing now in appliance that are A or B rated will cost a little more now but save you in the long run, and cut down the CO2 emissions to help the planet too.Leaving appliance on standby also uses energy and so costs you money, the PS3 on standby for a year cost you €17.50. So switch it off at the socket and get that game you wanted. A Computer left on doing nothing uses almost the same energy as 10 CFL bulbs. Surveys have said that the average houshold rubbish put out can be divided into 3 sections, recyclables, compostibles and waste. 43% of the average black bin would be made up of recyclable a further 35% of the contents of the black bin could be put in to the brown bin that the council also collect for free. This would mean that the black bin could go months without needing collecting, thus saving households hundreds of Euro a year. It wouldn't stink because all the waste that biodegrades would be in the brown bin.


Air Pollution Air borne particles.

Microscope slides. Vaseline. Microscope. Cover slips.

Place vaselined microscope slides in two different places.

Place a cover slip on one slide at each location (reference).

Compare slides.


Lichens and air pollution.

Map. Plant key.

Choose 10 trees from an urban and a rural area.

Name the trees.

On a regular basis check trees for lichen growth.

Draw maps.

Tabulate results.

Waste Management