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In Dublin West we have 4 seats

The Dail has 166 seats

In order to have a majority in the Dail, the Government needs to have a majority.

This means 166 / 2 + 1 = 83 + 1 = 84 seats

But the papers and the radio shows predict that the state of the parties might end up as follows

Fianna Fail 26

Fine Gael 55

Labour 39

Sinn Fein 17

Green Party 4


Independents 22

Can any one party get the 84 seats needed to call a Government.

Therefore there would be more than one party in Government, we call this a coalition.

Can you make up a ruling coalition of parties,

that could go into government ?

Remember that Independents are not a party but in this case 22 individuals that can join any grouping.

Can you think of different make up of different governments we could have if the election results were as follows ..... remember that the magic number is 84

Name the Politicians in our area that are running for election

Ivan's Predictions ,,,,

Leo Varadkar

Joan Burton

Joe Higgins

Brian Leinhan

mhaul martin

finna fail


The election is not officially called .....

..... it will unoffically be the 25th of Feburary


Yesterday the Taoiseach went to the Park, who did he see ? ___________

He got something dissolved was it

  1. a disprin
  2. the dail
  3. or salt

What date is the election called for ? ___________

Have you seen any election posters up on poles yet ?

Please write down the Names of 3 of the Candidates that you have seen and their political parties

Please draw a poster of a made up candidate urging people to vote for them.

There are only 7 Ministers in the Cabinet at the minute, after a whole load of Fianna Fail Ministers resigned their positions and on Sunday the Green Party and their 2 Ministers pulled out of Government.

A political party is a collection of people that share a similiar policy (ideas on how the country should be run). There are many parties in Ireland. In Ireland people who want to get elected are called candidates, those that get into the Dail are called TD's. The Party (or parties if one party does not have enough TDs) with the majority of TD's make up the Government, these politicans make a leader called the Taoiseach. They also appoint TD's to be in charge of important sections of Irish life, these TD's are called Ministers

Okay Homework before we watch the video ...

  1. Name 4 political parties in Ireland ?
  2. Who is the Leader of these parties ?
  3. Which Leader is the Taoiseach ?
  4. Which of these parties are in Government ?
  5. Which of these parties are in Opposition ?
  6. Name any 3 of our local politicians ?
  7. Name any 3 of our Ministers ?
  8. How many TD's are in the Irish Dail ?

Single transferrable vote

The video called The revolution will not be televised - Chavez inside the coup, will hopefully illustrate the importance of Democracy for all people.

The Cabinet is the group of ministers.

there are many seats .... how many seats in the Dail ?

for these people get nominated for election

there are many partys, these are groupings of like minded people

Fianna Fail

Fine Gael


Green Party

Sinn Fein

Left Alliance

Independents ... not a party but you might see it in elections

people interested in Politics often go on here to discuss various things about the current political situation

this site will help

in this country candidates get nominated ....

run for election

canvass people