What is Electricity?

electricity is the study of charged particles and the forces that these particles exhibit upon each other .

Static Electricity

  1. Charges
  2. Electric Field
  3. Capacitance

Current Electricity

1. Electric current

2. Sources of emf and electric current

3. Conduction in materials

4. Resistance

5. Potential

6. Effects of electric current

7. Domestic circuits

Mandatory Experiments

1. Verification of Joule’s law (as Δθ ∝ I 2).

2. Measurement of the resistivity of the material of a wire.

3. To investigate the variation of the resistance of a metallic conductor with temperature.

4. To investigate the variation of the resistance of a thermistor with temperature.

5. To investigate the variation of current (I ) with pd (V ) for

(a) metallic conductor

(b) filament bulb

(c) copper sulfate solution with copper electrodes

(d) semiconductor diode.


1. Magnetism

2. Magnetic fields

3. Current in a magnetic field

4. Electromagnetic induction

5. Alternating current

6. Concepts of mutual induction and self-induction