Junior Cycle Science

it encourages all students:

• to develop a sense of enjoyment in the learning of science, leading to a lifelong interest in science

• to develop scientific literacy and apply this in cognitive, affective and psychomotor dimensions to the analysis of science issues relevant to society, the environment and sustainability

• to develop a scientific habit of mind and inquiry orientation through class, laboratory and/ or off-site activities that foster investigation, imagination, curiosity and creativity in solving engaging, relevant problems, and to improve their reasoning and decision-making abilities

• to develop the key skills of junior cycle to find, use, manage, synthesise, and evaluate data; to communicate scientific understanding and findings using a variety of media; and to justify ideas on the basis of evidence

• to acquire a body of scientific knowledge; to develop an understanding of Earth and space and their place in the physical, biological, and chemical world and to help establish a foundation for more advanced learning.

Strand 0 Safety

Strand 1 Nature of Science

Strand 2 Earth and Space

Strand 3 Chemical World

Strand 4 Physical world

Strand 5 Life Science


Science Readings https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/


Nature of Science IS NOT all of it some of the time…..

IT IS some of it, ALL OF THE TIME

it has assessment:

Classroom Based Assessment

Exceptional, Above expectations, In line with expectations, and Yet to meet expectations