In Your notes copy take down the following table, fill it in as we go through this section

copy the table below and fill in the blanks

Now lets learn about these food types,

OB1 recall that a balanced diet has six constituents:

  1. carbohydrates (including fibre),
  2. fats,
  3. proteins,
  4. vitamins,
  5. minerals
  6. water, each with different functions


We can test for Starch in foods, by dropping Iodine on the sample. If it goes Blue Black we know it has Starch in it

We can test for Protein in foods, by putting the sample in Biuret reagent. If it goes Purple we know it has Protein in it.

We can test for Reducing Sugar in foods, by putting the sample in Benedicts Solution and keeping it warm. If it goes Brick Red we know it has Sugar in it.

We can test for Fat in foods, by rubbing the sample on Brown Paper. If it goes Translucent we know it has Fat in it.