Don't put any one down. Andrew.m

Do not bully or you will be suspended. Martin

Don't be cheeky to teachers.Roddy.

Treat others with respect Emma

treat people the way you would like to be . Jessica

Be nice to others Marko.C

don't make fun of others Harry

Don't laugh at people when they make mistakes because they will be sad. Andrew B

Be nice to each other Daniel

the best way to destroy an enemy is to make them a friend. aimee

we have the right to have our say Ignas.G

Don't cause violence and if you see it happening try to stop it or tell someone hannah

Treat others as you yourself would expect to be treated. Dean

always listen to your teacher dylan.f

Never fall out with any of your friends matthew

help each other and your friends out . DYLAN W

be kind to others jack

treat others with respect .Nicola

If you are being bullied you should tell some right away.Tolu

be kind to others.SEAN

Always take advice even if you have enough. Danielle

Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Lee

Dont back cheek an adult. ABDUL

Treat people good and they will give it back,Aoife.