Used in the body for

Insulation, animals that hibernate over the winter or even that spend winter in cold climates often develop a layer of fat under their skin. This layer acts as a natural coat of insulation, keeping heat in the body. Fats can also be used as a supply of energy, however the body only uses this when the sugars and converted starches are exhausted, thus Fat can be seen as a Store of Energy

Found in the following foods

Any food fried / roast in oil or fats.

People who eat meat can find the fat making up white layers in red meats. Such foods are said to have visible fat

Naturally found in foods that we can make oil from, olives, peanuts


McDonald food sheets say that fat makes food taste good

Too much Fat in a body causes blood pressure to rise,

Fat has twice as much energy as carbohydrate and protein, thus Fat is a concentrated form of energy