OC13 , and understand that an alloy is a mixture of different metals.

An alloy is a partial or complete solid solution of one or more elements in a metallic matrix.

An alloy is a mixture of metals.

Alloying one metal with other metal(s) or non metal(s) often enhances its properties.

In practice, some alloys are used so predominantly with respect to their base metals that the name of the primary constituent is also used as the name of the alloy.

For example, 14 karat gold is an alloy of gold with other elements. Similarly, the silver used in jewelry and the aluminium used as a structural building material are also alloys.

The term "alloy" is sometimes used in everyday speech as a synonym for a particular alloy.

E.G. automobile wheels made of an aluminium alloy are commonly referred to as simply "alloy wheels", although in fact steels and most other metals in practical use are also alloys.from

Why are the Alloy wheels more desirable ?


Nice design!

Draw a set of alloys

Alloys can be made to be





Easy to bend or Stiff


OC11 understand that

  1. solder,
  2. steel,
  3. brass
  4. bronze

are alloys, and state one use of each alloy

Fill in a table of the four alloys mentioned above and one other alloy, name it and give as many uses as you can find.

the future of the world is the future of metals is the future of the alloy